2.500 party people, 230 hungry guests, 3 international  premium brands – i can handle them all!

Born in the alps, I moved to Hamburg five years ago to work for Jung von Matt. As an Art Director I worked for Huawei, Montblanc, Ledvance.

Typical for my region Tirol, I started my career as a trained chef to cook for 5-star hotels in Austria and Spain. I moved from the mountains to the sea to follow my appetite for music and become a professional DJ, playing every night in front of thousands of people.

During all that time, I fell in love with photography. Traveling the world, visiting events, meeting people – there is no place I go without a camera. No matter if it is a Canon EOS R, a Huawei P30 or a DJI Mavic Air 2 drone:
I see the world through different lenses.

Whatever it is, passion has always been my inner motor.
And I am passionate about my next project.
Let me handle it!
Instagram: @mgkini86

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